Frequently Asked Questions

The Committee has attended numerous virtual Galas and fundraisers across the country since the Fall of 2020. This has helped us pull together an event that’s planned to be both entertaining and successful for our school. We hope you’ll share how you celebrated this year (please share your pictures with

Do I buy tickets to the Gala this year?
Because we could, we opted not to sell tickets this year and are hopeful that will help more of our community join and participate in the event.

How do I participate in the Gala?
There are four ways to be a part of this year’s Gala.

  1. The Gala will be streamed starting at 6:30pm on February 19. Go to, click on Gala Night, then click on the link to the event. Remember, it starts at 6:30pm SHARP!
  2. Buy a Dinner Delight and have the best of both worlds. Click on Dinner Delight to see one of the options.  (This is a “paddle raise” alternative and our ability to bring the feeling of an in-person Gala to you)  We’re hopeful this offsets (for you) costs you don’t have to incur this year (ie. tickets, dress, babysitters).
  3. Donate now or buy a raffle ticket here
  4. Buy a Shout-Out to show your SOSM love or congratulate a student on their milestone year (i.e. sacrament, graduation, etc.). The Shout-Outs will be shown on the screen throughout the event.
  5. Participate in the silent auction available online starting February 5th. Click on Silent Auction and browse the items. Auction begins February 12th and will run through the event, ending at 7:40pm on February 19th

What will the virtual Gala be like?
We have a great event lined up all of which you can watch starting at 6:30pm on February 19th.

Here’s a taste of what you’ll experience: music by F.L.A.M.E., band featuring SOSM alums, choir performance by current SOSM students, special appearances from past faculty/staff and alums, and our Tribute video featuring the students.

Throughout the night, we’ll have real-time donation updates. The night concludes with the Raffle drawing (for FREE tuition or $5,000 cash).

Will there be a Silent Auction?
Yes! And we have something for everyone! The bidding for the silent auction will take place online and will be open starting February 12th and will close at 7:40pm the night of the event.

Will there be a paddle raise?
Donations can be made throughout the evening.  There will be a time during the event when we ask/prompt/encourage the community to donate while we show a Tribute video the children are compiling.  This will be the paddle raise and will appear much different than an in-person setting as we won’t physically have paddles that we can raise and see.

The Dinner Delight is a way to do your “paddle raise”  early so you can sit back and enjoy the show the night of.   

Why are the Dinner Delights so expensive?
The cost of the Dinners Delights cover the cost of the dinner, and Delights – special treats to help you celebrate. Special treats may include flower centerpieces, balloon décor, personalized tumblers, Crusader pom poms and more depending on the tier! As a paddle raise alternative, the Dinner Delights work to help bring the spirit of an in-person Gala to you.

Are the Dinners tax deductible?
Yes. The cost above the price of the meal itself is cost deductible. Your receipt, received via email after check-out, will summarize the deductible amount.

Can I donate the night of the event?
Yes, you can donate now and through the event. Check-outs will be much easier as we are not using the Give Central portal for this part of the transaction process.

  1. Now: Donate now by clicking the DONATE button above or buy a raffle ticket or a Dinner Delights package or a Shout-Out. All purchases can be made at
  2. During Event:
    a. TEXT to Donate option
    b. Online option
    c. Click on the large DONATE button on the screen.
  3. For the weeks leading up to the event, you can also participate in the silent auction available online starting February 5th. Click on Silent Auction at and browse the items. Auction begins February 12th and will run through the event, ending at 7:40pm on February 19th

What is a watch party?
A watch party is when you have friends over and watch the event on your TV or Computer. Here are some ideas:

  1. Set up your TV or Computer at the end of your Dining Room table and watch while you’re eating. Compare notes on silent auction items… Donate when you feel compelled throughout the evening!
  2. Set up a projector outdoors and have your party around a fire pit outside. Maybe we’ll even have some snow by then for the kids to play in during the event!
  3. Cozy up in front of the fireplace in the Family Room and watch all of the action on your TV or Computer.

Whatever you decide to do, don’t forget to take pictures because we will be posting them on the website afterwards for everyone to see how you celebrated!! The Gala Committee attended the Old St. Pat’s (virtual) Emerald Ball which has been our inspiration for much of the planning. Here are some examples of photos sent in after the event:

We can’t wait to see how you celebrate this awesome night!!

Where do the funds raised go?
The money raised goes to the Annual Fund. We must raise $330,000 which goes to the following item:

  • $210,000: School operating expenses, the tuition gap. Curriculum and resource enhancements in science, technology and math.
  • $80,000: Year-end Teacher bonuses
  • $40,000: Tuition Assistance

Questions???  Contact:

Kelly Graham @ (773) 580-2006 /
Liza Jessen @ (708) 833-9518 /